Thursday, April 10, 2014

Please Open if You Are a Friend or Admirer of Dr. Jefferson

I was delighted to receive this note from Dr Jefferson's cousin, Rev. Roberts.

Hope you and family are well.  I am on a committee to develop a memorial park in Carthage, Texas (her hometown) which will display a bronze bust of Dr. Jefferson.  We have secured (with limited funds) a sculptor and he has made the clay casting of her.

I am attaching several photos for you and friends. The sculptor added the cap to give her the look she so often displayed. The finished casting will have her wearing a cap like the picture. Let me know what you think of the casting.

If any of her friends would like to donate to the effort, please let me know.  At this point we certainly can use it.


Kirt Roberts
Dr. Jefferson Cousin

If you would like to send something, please send to:
Olive Baptist Church
c/o Rev. Kirthell Roberts
235 CR 4610 Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455

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