Thursday, October 31, 2013

93 Million People in Jeopardy!

We pro-lifers knew in 2009 that the proposed legislation which became O-care would do four things: 1) fund abortion, 2) cause rationing,  3) result in denial of care, and 4) slash conscience rights.  We spent a great deal of effort and funds to educate the public.  As things have unfolded, our worst predictions have materialized.

I haven't emailed about the horrors because the mainstream media has been covering them.  This article from Forbes is definitely worth passing on, however.  There are 316 million people in the US and 93 million of them will lose their insurance.  Hard to grasp!

Last night, just before the Magnificent Game, I saw a headline saying there were protesters at the President's healthcare talk at Faneuil Hall.  I thought how good to have them protesting O-care!  It developed they were protesting because they think Obama has not done enough about climate change.  Only in Boston! 


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