Monday, October 14, 2013

Banquet Huge Success, Lila Rose Link

Our Banquet was wonderful!  People left so inspired.  I want to thank the amazing committee: Chair, Matt Hanafin, Chair Emeritus, Bea Martins, Paulette Martinville, John Curry, Connie and Cathleen Murphy, Madeline McComish, and June Newman.  Helen and David Cross provided lovely music, Ken Sullivan created the beautiful program, and so many others helped to make it a very special night.

Lila is delightful, so unassuming and so committed to saving lives.  We were honored that her mother, Annie, flew in from California and her aunt came down from the Worcester area.  Lila's contract rules out making a video.  Lila spoke again on Saturday morning in DC.  This is the video link to that talk,  Much of what she said was similar.  The link is much shorter than her talk and easy to listen to.  If Lila's talk doesn't come up first, just scroll down the list until you find it and then scroll back up to watch the video.

At our Banquet, she gave more of her pro-life background and developed more fully the concept that life is the basic right for all and we must concentrate on that.  She also made the point that, because Massachusetts self-identifies as the most liberal state in the country, then our work is even more important here.  She stressed the darker the place the more significant the light of even one candle.  I think you can see why we were all so inspired.

For life,


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