Friday, November 1, 2013

You Can Have a National Impact

Next Tuesday's election for Governor of Virginia has huge implications for us! The way Virginia goes in 2013, so goes the nation in 2014!

Ken Cuccinelli, a father of seven, is being relentlessly attacked by Terry McAuliffe and Planned Parenthood for his unwavering defense of unborn children and their mothers. Planned Parenthood just announced last week that they are dumping another $1 million into the race. Because Ken has been a true leader for our cause as both a State Senator and as Attorney General, they are desperate to keep him out of the Governor's mansion.

If Planned Parenthood wins this race, they'll be emboldened. They'll continue to smear our pro-life candidates nationwide with their bogus "War on Women" rhetoric.

If pro-lifers win this race, we'll be able to make the case that being a pro-life champion is a political asset, and show that voters are rejecting the alleged "War on Women" narrative.

You can actually make calls into Virginia this weekend and Monday. You can call fellow pro-lifers who are not currently planning to vote. Your call can get them to the polls. Sign up at:

Cuccinelli has come from behind in the last few days and has a really good chance. I know you are a mover and shaker!


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