Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pro-life: Big Impact at the Big E

Alysse sent this beautiful note about the MCFL booth at the Eastern States Exposition.  Please note that over one million people go through the Big E.  The pro-lifers in the Springfield area do a magnificent job manning an incredible booth.  The Big E continues through this Sunday, the 29th.  Please stop by to see the Pro-Life Booth. 


From Alysse:

It is truly a blessing to have a pro-life presence at the Big E every year. My friend and I had the privilege of volunteering at the PV-MCFL booth yesterday from 10am-2pm and it was truly an incredible experience. Many passing by were mostly drawn to the display case and the video which caught many people's attention. I really like the new posters and brochures this year. Fortunately, we had more people than we thought who would be so willing to sign the petition against abortion after 20 weeks since at that stage they CAN feel pain. But I would like to share with you a particular instance that was truly incredible. A gentleman, Lawrence Bethke, approached our booth and was proud to share this beautiful story, as a pro-lifer. He shared the beautiful story about his son, Elias, who was born 13 weeks early (at 26 weeks) and spent 7 months in the NICU. Elias was special needs and suffered many medical conditions. He was such a happy baby and received so much love and care before God took him at 31 months old. Elias touched so many lives in such a special way in such a short amount of time, it was unbelievable. Being moved by this story, even Lawrence the father of this little angel was in tears sharing this with us. He wanted me to pass along his son's story and to share the following videos of his son, Elias, on YouTube to MCFL.


There is a facebook page called: Elias' Journey.

Also, if you just search "Elias Bethke" on youtube, the first three videos are the ones to watch reflecting Elias' short life and beautiful story. He's an inspiration to us all! It's very moving!!

Elias' obituary:

I hope this can be shared with more pro-life advocates and MCFL.



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