Friday, September 27, 2013

"How could he eat in the midst of squalor and death?"

National Review Online has two excellent articles.  The first is about a new ebook by Steve Volk, a reporter for Philadelphia magazine: Gosnell's Babies: Inside the Mind of America's Most Notorious Abortion DoctorKathryn Jean Lopez reviews the book, 

Conclusion: How can Gosnell  "... eat in the midst of squalor and death? How could he live with himself? Because 'his conscience was clear,' Volk concludes. 'His conscience was formed in a culture of death, after all, where a doctor doing harm has been promoted as a merciful thing.'  We, as a society, created the monster that Gosnell has become."  The facts reported in the book are unbelievable.  Whether you can stomach the book is one thing but you must read the article.

Also, at NRO is an article about a study of what we will pay for abortions under O-care.  You may remember Teresa Donovan who worked at Mass. Citizens a few years ago.  Her brother, Chuck, is one of the nicest, brightest people on our side in DC.  He reports on how taxpayers will be forced to pay for abortions under O-care.  As you read about the 71,000 - 111,5000 abortions we will fund per year, remember Massachusetts is one of those states Chuck mentions which has been paying 100% of medicaid abortions under court order for the past 35 years.

This is the link to the study,

These are more reasons for us to "keep trucking."


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