Thursday, September 8, 2011

Press Release. MCFL opposes "Death with Dignity" petition.


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Statement by Massachusetts Citizens for Life on the "Death with Dignity" petition. Contact Anne Fox, 781-449-1774



Boston, Sept 7, 2011: "Massachusetts Citizens for Life today expressed grave concern that the so-called 'Death with Dignity' initiative petition has been certified by the Attorney General. The petition would make it legal to expect that a doctor would prescribe a lethal drug to anyone who asks if, in the opinion of the doctor, the person will not live past six months.

This is Pyhsician Assisted Suicide or Doctor Prescribed Suicide.

Doctor Prescribed Suicide is already legal in Oregon where Barbara Wagner and other cancer patients received a chilling letter from the Oregon Health Plan. The state controlled health care program would not support the treatment their doctors recommended that might extend their lives, but would pay for 'life-ending medication'.

The definition of medication is something that will cure, heal, or at least alleviate symptoms. Trying to sell the idea of a lethal drug overdose as 'medicine' threatens to undermine society's commitment to care for those we cannot cure.

A law like Oregon's is not about dignity or compassion - not for patients like Barbara Wagner, at any rate. It is about government dismissing the inherent worth of some people.

Doctor Prescribed Suicide is poor public policy with negative consequences. MCFL will work to educate the public on better ways to care for people."







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