Sunday, September 18, 2011

New evidence shows depth of Tiller's crimes, ban on patenting human embryos, etc.


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Articles of importance that you won't see in the MSM:


Our good pro-life ally, Jack Cashill, has been following things in Kansas.


There is also a great piece of news. There is finally a ban on human embryo patents! 


Marriage makes even more of a difference than you thought.  


We have a chance to elect another pro-life State Rep at a special election on Tuesday, Sept. 20 in the 12th Bristol District which includes parts of Freetown, New Bedford, Taunton, Lakeville, and Middleboro.


Keiko Orrall is a strong pro-lifer. Right now we have about 67 pro-life votes in the House. We need 81. This is an excellent chance to increase the pro-life representation.


Madeline McComish, Chair of the MCFL State PAC, tells me the PAC has mailed to 800 households in the district and will be calling them on Sunday. If you know people in the district, please be sure to contact them to vote on Tuesday, Sept 20 for Keiko Orrall.


I know you will help Keiko! Thanks, Anne






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