Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Partial Birth Abortion Hearings, Oct 5th and report on yesterday


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When Congress passed, and the Supreme Court upheld, the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, we were all grateful and relieved. Actually, that is a federal ban, so it applies to federal property, etc. It is necessary for each individual state to pass a state PBA Ban. MCFL filed the bill last winter.

House 1333, An Act Relative to Banning Partial Birth Abortions, is scheduled to be heard at 1PM in Room A-1 on October 5 before the Judiciary Committee.

This should be a "no-brainer". Close to 90% of people think the Ban is a good idea. If we have a large crowd at the hearings, we should have a good chance to get this bill out of committee. It will be important to bring pictures and diagrams!

Please mark your calendar for 1:00 on Oct 5th. The MCFL website has background information. Other states like Michigan are working to pass the Ban also.

Yesterday Linda Thayer, Eva Murphy, Elizabeth Kenney, and many others gave very convincing testimony about the problems with the Health Curriculum Frameworks. The Education Committee asked cogent questions and seemed interested. It is very important that you submit written testimony. It can be as simple as, "I oppose the Frameworks in their current form because of the sex ed. component. Please separate out the controversial parts of the Frameworks and deal with those separately". Linda has posted some excellent information.

Please send a copy of your testimony to Chairman Alice Peisch, and to your own State Rep.

Thank you for keeping up with legislation and making a difference! Anne





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