Monday, September 13, 2010


This primary is very important. There are many fine candidates who have a good chance. To review the PAC endorsements:
MCFL Federal PAC endorsed Jeff Perry for Congress in the 10th Congressional District.
MCFL State PAC endorsed
State Representativ
e: 9th Bristol, Robert Tavares, Jr (D); 18th Essex, James Lyons, Jr (R); 28th Middlesex,John Hanlon, (D); and 10th Suffolk, Robert Joyce, (D)
State Senate: Cape and Islands, Eric Steinhilber (R); 3rd Middlesex, Sandra Martinez (R) and Suffolk and Norfolk, Michael Rush (D).

The State PAC has also recommended for State Representative: 2nd Berkshire, Michael Case, (R), 4th Bristol, David Saad, Sr. (R); 7th Bristol, Alan Silvia (D); 9th Essex, Raymond Igou, III (R); 3rd Hampden, Mark DelNegro (D); 1st Middlesex, Sheila Harrington (R); 12th Middlesex, John Botone (D); 22nd Middlesex, Marc Lombardo (R); and 5th Plymouh, Jared Valanzola (R) and th for State Senate: 2nd Essex and Middlesex, Jameson Tomasek (R), Hampden, Robert Macgovern (R); Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth, Richard Livingston (R); and 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex, William Feegbeh (D).

The State PAC has endorsed the write-in campaign of James McKenna in the Republican Primary for Attorney General

Please be sure to vote tomorrow!

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