Sunday, September 12, 2010

The trial that was supposed to start on Monday...

We just received the following from Eileen Smith:

"This is the latest....

Instead of the trial starting on Monday, I have a meeting with the DA. The defense lawyers, DA and the Judge are meeting. I think the dr's lawyer is going to present a plea deal to the judge. An offer so he doesn't have to go thru trial and get a favorable outcome for himself. I have no control on this outcome and can only give a Victim Witness Statement to the judge. I meet with the DA after this discussion and they present the outcome to me.

If the judge does not accept the plea deal (it is the judges decision only) ((I pray he doesn't accept it!)) , I was told the jury selection will start on Tuesday. Trial could start Thursday or Friday. Sorry I can't be more exact but such is the "system". I will be posting as soon as I can that day as to the outcome of the meeting. This man needs to go to jail for what he did to Laura !!!!!!

Last week in the civil case the dr's lawyer asked (they wanted me to go along with this in the criminal case) if I would be okay with a "House Confinement" punishment in the criminal case!! This man lives in a multi million dollar house in Wellesley on the water!! You call that punishment??? I call it vacation!! May we all be punished by being stuck on the water in luxury!!

There are so many people in jail who have done way less than this man. Pray for Justice!! And please Stay tuned........"

I'll let you know as soon as we hear more form Eileen,


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