Monday, April 12, 2010

Stevens, Stupak, and saying prayers

John Paul Stevens is the last member of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court.  In the press accounts of his retirement he is called the dean of the liberal forces. Certainly at the time of the infamous abortion decisions, Catholic William Brennen was the brains behind the scenes and the justice who pulled the strings.

Again, some of the press are claiming that Obama used up so much political capital with the health care fiasco that he will have to pull back and nominate someone who is not too extreme.  That would be ironic and lovely but highly unlikely.  We have to hope the Republicans are "getting " the polls and will fight.

The talk has been about Stevens and Justice Ginsburg both retiring.   Highly creditable sources maintain that she loves the job, feels that what she does is very important, and will die with her boots on.  We need to pray for her return to good health so that she will live to see another president.
And while you are at it, I hope you will join me in a prayer for Bart Stupak.  I cannot imagine what it must be like for him to have to live with himself! 
The Convention yesterday was wonderful!   I'll be sending out copies of our presenters' power point slides and videos etc.
Best, Anne
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