Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Congressional Research Service: Congress cannot keep coverage under Obamacare!


The New York Times reports today, "In its painstaking analysis of the new law, the research service says the impact on Congress itself and the intent of Congress are difficult to ascertain," but it sure does seem as though members and staff (like so many other Americans) will not be able to keep the insurance they like, and may lose it even before there are any alternatives for them."  We may soon have some unexpected allies in the fight to replace (incumbents), defund, repeal, and rewrite - the 3 R's.

And among the general public, support for repeal is up to 58%!
Last August, when I first starting asking you to contact your congressmen, you probably thought, "This is Massachusetts for goodness sake".  Look at what you accomplished! We got two votes for Stupak restrictions, one vote against the health care in the house, and Scott Brown - all from Massachusetts, for goodness sake.
Now we look at November and you know what - we'll do it again! 
FYI, Scott Brown will be the speaker at the Boston College Law School Commencement.  BC Law does have the best speakers, don't they?
Speakers such as Fr Nic who spoke at our Convention.  Helen Cross has put his talk on YouTube.  You will love it as much as the people who were there did.
Enjoy the good news about Congress and the good talk by Fr Nic!
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