Saturday, April 17, 2010

Republican Convention: further clarifications

We at MCFL have been afraid that certain political happenings would make people draw logical but incorrect conclusions.
Yesterday I sent out the explanatory email, which is below this one, where I tried to be polite and subtle.
Some people say they are confused, so let me be more specific.

Dr Mildred Jefferson is giving a nominating speech for Christy Mihos for governor.
This would lead you to the logical but incorrect conclusion that Mihos is pro-life and supported by Mass. Citizens.
Mihos takes a pro-abortion position with the exceptions that I copied and pasted from his web site.
Mass. Citizens does not support him.

Some very reputable people are supporting Karyn Polito saying she is a "stellar pro-family" candidate.
The term "pro-family" developed in 1980 and meant "pro-life plus..."
This would lead you to the logical but incorrect conclusion that Polito is pro-life.
Polito has a perfect pro-abortion rating from NARAL based on her voting record.
Mass. Citizens does not support her.

I hope this helps. Anne

The Republican Nominating Convention is tomorrow.
There are some facts I think you need to know. I hope they will help to keep you from drawing any incorrect conclusions. Best, Anne

1) Dr. Mildred F. Jefferson will make a nominating speech for Christie Mihos for Governor. You know Dr. Jefferson's stature in the Massachusetts Pro-Life Movement. 
Yet you may remember from past races that Mihos supports a woman's right to choose. He has no voting record. This is all his 2010 web site says:
  • "Christy supports the use of adult stem cells in scientific research. However, he opposes embryonic stem cell research,which are harvested living embryos, a process that destroys the embryo.
  • Christy opposes the Massachusetts proposed legislation that would expand to 35 feet, the so-called "buffer zone" around abortion clinics. This violates the first amendment freedom of speech for sidewalk counselors.
  • Christy opposes the use of public funds for abortions."

2) State Representative Karyn Polito is running for Treasurer. 
Victor Pap has left Catholic Citizenship to run her campaign.
An email from Chanel Prunier at Massachusetts Independent PAC, says, "Many of you know Karyn Polito as a stellar pro-family candidate, who has voted in defense of traditional marriage and championed Jessica's Law, a statute protecting our children from sex offenders."
NARAL has supported Polito, giving her a pro-abortion rating.
According to Marie Sturgis, MCFL Executive and Legislative Director, these were the votes during her tenure as State Rep:
"Rep. Karyn Polito supported the Buffer Zone expansion to 35 feet, voted for the anti-life life science bill, voted for the artificial creation of human embryos and for funding of embryonic stem cell research. She did support Governor Romney by voting to prohibit lab workers from donating eggs and the exploitation of women for their eggs.
She voted against restoring the original law that defined life as beginning at the moment of conception.
She supported contraceptive coverage."


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