Monday, November 9, 2015

Sex ed abortion bill: vote this week, call now!

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Linda Thayer, MCFL Vice-President of Educational Affairs reports that H-448 is now Senate Bill S- 2013 – An Act Relative to Healthy Youth most likely will be voted on by the entire legislature as early as Thursday, Nov. 12th!
The bill has a new number but the same old problems (see below), especially teaching children how to get secret abortions.
This is what each of us needs to do:  we must call our own senator and representative right now urging them to vote against S - 2013.
You will find the phone number for your senator at and your representative at
If you do not know the names of your legislators, you may look them up here.
Please let your legislators know your concerns about this dangerous bill!  Anne

What does the bill propose to do?
  • This bill makes the MA Health Curriculum Frameworks normative for sexuality education throughout the Commonwealth
  • The Health Curriculum Frameworks would teach young people how to get an abortion, and contraceptives without parental knowledge
  • They give tacit approval to teenage sexual activity and abortion regardless of what parents may wish to teach their children
  • They do not respect the Freedom of Religion, by which parents would pass on their values to their children
  • Passage of this bill would make "comprehensive sex education" a one-size-fits-all for all children regardless of individual maturity and readiness
  • A public policy of "comprehensive sex education" has failed our young people over the last few decades (26% of teen girls in America have an STD, this includes 48% of black teenage girls; Massachusetts has the 11th highest teen abortion rate in the nation)
  • This bill would have the Commonwealth determine how many parents have opted their child out of sexed – without determining how many school districts have notified parents of the radical nature of the Frameworks objectives.   Therefore the number of opt-outs is likely to be small, and may be used as a justification for eliminating parents' right to opt-out.
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