Monday, November 2, 2015

Do you know anyone who lives in Brockton, E Bridgewater, Easton, Whitman, Hanson, Hanover, Halifax, Plympton?

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On Tuesday, there is a special State Senate race in those towns.  There are two State Reps running for the seat. Geoff Diehl  is a great friend of life.  The MCFL PAC has endorsed him.  They have made many hundreds of phone calls to pro-lifers in the district.  The PAC distributed more than 2,000 cards showing the difference between the candidates and urging people to vote pro-life.
The PAC has asked me to remind you about the election.  They urge you to contact at least one person you know who lives in the district and remind that person to vote for Geoff Diehl for State Senate on Tuesday, Nov 3rd!
This is important!  Thank you,
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