Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Brother of an Aborted Baby


Recently I sent an email about siblings of aborted children.  Pat replied.  There is nothing I can add except prayers. 

Hi Anne - this really touches me.  I was a special education teacher and one day they gave me a depressed, sad little boy who was refusing to eat.  He was not quite seven years old and up to about six months previous, he had been pretty outgoing and 'normal.'

It took me two more months to sufficiently gain his trust and confidence and one day we sat having lunch (I used to take turns having one-on-one time with my kids at lunch and we often ate outdoors at school at a picnic table).    He finally opened up and confided that his mother had had an abortion because she and his father could not afford another child.   He decided he would not eat much because he feared she might abort him.

How about that?  How many more kids are depressed or have other strong reactions to learning their mother had "gotten rid" of an unwanted child?

Makes me cry.



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