Monday, August 11, 2014

Jail for Pro-lifers? Still time to fight.


Dear Pro-life Friend,

It's not too late!

As you know from the message I sent on Tuesday Governor Deval Patrick and his cronies have passed a New Buffer Zone Law which they want to use to silence sidewalk counselors and other pro-lifers.  Governor Patrick, a former member of Planned Parenthood's board, will do anything to protect the profits of abortion clinics—even trample on our constitutionally protected rights.

He doesn't want pro-lifers to offer our message of hope, help, and love to women in crisis.

Even though the Supreme Court overturned the last Buffer Zone law 9-0, radical pro-abortion activists have passed one that's even worse.

Under the new law, pro-lifers who "impede" people trying to enter an abortion clinic can get 5 years in jail and up to $50,000 in fines.  Worse yet, it is abortion clinic workers who will get to determine if pro-lifers are violating the law.

We need to fight back!

In my last message on this subject I asked you for a gift of $10, $20, or $30 to help fund our efforts to fight the New Buffer Zone in the public square, in the legislature, and in the courts.  Your help is vital and there is still time to give. 

Please, if you have not yet given CLICK HERE to contribute and stand up for the rights of the unborn and pro-lifers. 

I know I can count on you. 

Thank you for all you do for Life.


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