Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You Don't Have to Go to the State House But You Do Need to Email!

The Public Health Committee meets tomorrow (Tuesday) to hear testimony on a number of bills at 1:00pm in Room B-2.  If you were to attend, your chances of being heard would be extremely low.  It is a better use of your time to email testimony to the committee chairs and ask them to distribute to the committee.  If you do that, your subject line should say "Testimony for Public Health Committee." 

If you just want to register your position, you should send two separate emails with these subjects:  "Please approve H-1930" and "Please report negatively on H-2092"  Either way, be sure to include your name and address.  Please send your email by Friday of this week (the 7th). 



Chairs who should receive testimony by email: Jeffrey.Sanchez@mahouse.gov and  John.Keenan@masenate.gov

Rep. Viriato "Vinnie" deMacedo (R-Plymouth) has sponsored H-1930 that would provide for anesthesia in abortions of unborn babies older than 20 weeks unless the mother requests no anesthesia or it would cause serious risk.   We support this for its educational and incremental effects with the proviso that any baby who feels pain should not be aborted at all.  Laws which prohibit all abortions after 20 weeks, on the basis of the baby's pain, have passed in nine state and are pending in many other, including the U. S. Congress.

Rep. Ellen Story (D-Amherst) has sponsored H-2092 that would lower to 16 the age that unmarried, pregnant women are required to receive parental consent for an abortion.

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