Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Death Lobby Strikes Again - Another DPS Bill!

The nerve!  The people of Massachusetts defeated Doctor-Prescribed Suicide at the ballot box last fall.  The death lobby has been claiming that they won because they opened a dialogue in the Northeast.  On the basis of that they have filed doctor-prescribed suicide bills all over the Northeast including Massachusetts.  Now the publicity which the press does for them doesn't mention the ballot question, just claims the people in Massachusetts support them.  What don't they understand about losing by almost 3 percentage points?!?

What they called "Death with dignity" is now filed as "Aid in dying."  It is prettied up but it is the same old lethal dose so a person can kill himself.  How dare they?

John Kelly, who was our able spokesman and very instrumental in defeating Question 2, has been working with other states to help them defeat these bills. 

John will speak at the MCFL Convention, "Get Real" to share with us the inside story of our win last fall and the latest since then. Be sure to join us!

You will learn so much from John!


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