Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Your Testimony Needed, May 14th

Testimony concerning "sex ed" bills will be heard by the Education Joint Committee next Tuesday, May 14th at 10:00 am in Room A-1 at the State House. 

Your presence and testimony will be very powerful.  As the 14th gets closer, if you find you cannot get there in person, you may submit written testimony to the Chairs: Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, 617-722-1673 and Representative Alice Peisch, 617-722-2070  Be sure to include your name and address and request that your testimony be shared with entire committee.

The government will take over all aspects of education, particularly those having to do with morality unless we stop them! 

As Linda Thayer says, "Parents do not send their children to school to learn how to get secret abortions."

We support: HB 333, HB 466, HB 431, HB 440, and HB 452 (only this will be heard on May 30th).  These are basically bills which ensure parent's rights.

We oppose: HB 421, SB 202, HB 366, HB 450, SB 209, HB 522, and HB 2092  These bills are of the Health Curriculum Guidelines type that we have been fighting for years.

Please list all these bills, then go to: and pick a couple to say a bit more about.

We learned last June, when the legislature was considering a bill that would have forced doctors to tell patients about doctor prescribed suicide, that citizens have a lot of clout.  Please use yours! 



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