Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Preventing Gosnelling in Massachusetts

"Dr. Gosnell is only the front man; and the real trial has only just begun. The defendant is the abortion license in America."      Prof. Robbie George who spoke at 2011 MCFL Mother's Day Dinner


Are there facilities practicing in the Gosnell manner here in Massachusetts?  We can't be sure - because Massachusetts has essentially NO regulations.  In the 1970's, Massachusetts Citizens for Life was instrumental in passing a law which required, among other things, that abortion facilities have fire extinguishers and elevators that would accommodate stretchers.  This sensible law was overturned.  Massachusetts does not even require these basic safeguards for women.  Abortion facilities have much lower standards than any other type of surgical facility, and so-called "doctor's offices" like the one where Laura Hope Smith died, have no oversight at all!


Massachusetts has the 9th highest abortion rate in the country! More than 22,000 babies are killed in our state every year.  That has to stop!  We desperately need our state to actively protect the lives and health of mothers and their babies.


Massachusetts Citizens for Life is starting a campaign to make the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reveal whether or not they have any standards or do any inspections of abortion facilities.  We will be pressing them to answer these questions and to apply the same standards to abortion facilities as they do to other ambulatory medical facilities.


As we embark on this endeavor over the next few weeks we hope that you will get involved in our effort.  You can make a difference! 


Now that the general public is aware of the Gosnell atrocities, we have the opportunity to shed light on other Gosnells who are operating in the shadows, possibly right here in Massachusetts.


Please help with a donation to this live-saving effort.  http://masscitizensforlife.org


Thank you for your much-needed support!




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