Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yesterday: election results from around the country

Yesterday was exactly a year before the "big one."  Pundits were calling it a harbinger of the 2012 elections.

Oregon first congressional district.  Pro-life Republican Rob Cornilles will face EMILY's List Democrat Suzanne Bonamici in special election, January 31, 2012.

In Virginia, pro-lifers already control the governor's office and the House of Delegates. Yesterday, Virginia voters replaced two pro-abortion state senators with two pro-life senators, giving pro-life Senators control in the Commonwealth. (Pro-life candidates easily retained control of the House of Delegates.)

The pro-abortion chair of the Senate Health and Education Committee, appears to have lost by 86 votes to his pro-life challenger, a race in which Virginia Society for Human Life PAC, a National Right to Life affiliate, played a key role.

In Kentucky, pro-life challenger state Senate President David Williams (R) was unable to defeat pro-abortion incumbent Governor Steve Beshear (D).

Pro-life Governor Haley Barbour (R) was term-limited in Mississippi, so the gubernatorial seat was open. Fortunately, there were two pro-life candidates competing. Pro-life Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant (R) defeated his pro-life challenger Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree (D).

On October 22, Louisiana's popular pro-life Governor Bobby Jindal (R) was re-elected, garnering more than 65% of the vote in a ten way race.

The Personhood Amendment in Mississippi was defeated.  MCFL does not have a position on the PA but I found this analysis from Americans United for Life very helpful, "The loss has no immediate implications as the initiative restricted what the government could do, not what individuals could do. The measure would have restrained government actions – government-funded abortions – and not abortions conducted by individuals or enterprises such as Planned Parenthood… the importance of the recognition of the humanity of a child in the womb will not falter as a result of this vote."

In Massachusetts, we will have the "Death with Dignity"/ Doctor Prescribed Suicide ballot question in 2012.  We have a wonderfully helpful web site and many presentations next week.  I'll be sending out an email about all of those shortly.

Keep up your good work!  Anne

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