Monday, November 7, 2011

The good news and the bad



"Pray as if it is all up to God and work as if it is all up to you" a wise neighbor of mine used to say. During the last 40 days, we saw this in action.

40 DAYS FOR LIFE has completed the current prayer campaign. Eva Murphy, Jack Rowe and I prayed in Lynn. We noticed that the number of people praying increased as time went by. At times, pro-life students from Northeastern joined the many, many others praying. Cori Connor-Morse, Lynn; John Fleury, Haverhill; Pauline Morris and Lee Crowley, Worcester; Steve Marcotte and Darlene Howard, Attleboro; and the people in Springfield all did exemplary jobs organizing and supporting the prayer warriors.

George Donovan, parliamentarian par excellence, who did yeoman work at MCFL Annual meetings, has died. God rest his soul.

You may have read that Dan Avila has resigned from his new position at the USCCB because of some complaints about an article he wrote for The Pilot.  I must say that Dan was an unbelievably valuable asset to MCFL's right-to-life efforts and to all pro-life efforts in Massachusetts from the time he came to work as the lobbyist at MCFL in the early 80s.  Given our experience with his clear-thinking and amazing analytical ability, I strongly suspect that any disputed points will eventually be resolved in ways that vindicate his thinking.  In the meantime, let us pray for a new employment opportunity for him where he can thrive.






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