Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Academy - Pregnancy Help Counseling and Post-Abortion Woes


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This week we were very fortunate!

Counselors from Problem Pregnancy in Worcester shared their experiences. Chris, Elaine, and Corinn told the students about women who come to them who are determined to have abortions, others who are undecided, and some who want to give birth to their babies but need help - which Problem Pregnancy provides with usual pro-life generosity.

MCFL is planning to list all the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the state on our web site. We have found 72 centers. We are calling each to check on the services they offer.* We always hear there are more CPC's in the country than abortuaries, but this is amazing!

Cori had an abortion on October 7th, 1983. Her Patrick would turn 28 this fall. For years she lived with the awful consequences. Recently, thanks to Project Rachel, Cori has been healing and is able to share her story. The students now have a real person with real experiences to reference in talking to other young people.

It was a blessed evening! I want you to know that Worcester is hotter than most of the rest of the state. The Burncoat Baptist church is beautiful but our part is not air-conditioned. Our students are real troopers whose commitment has certainly been proved.

I know you will enjoy Video III.    Anne

*Your help making some of these calls would be huge! If you can do some calling, please contact John at 617-242-3199 or reply to this email. Thanks very much! A






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