Monday, July 11, 2011

Abortion funding in DC - 300 babies dead


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This week the U. S. House is expected to vote on the Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Services Appropriations Bill (H.R. 2434). As reported from committee, this bill prevents all congressionally appropriated funds, federal and local, from being used for elective abortions in the District of Columbia. An amendment to allow local public funds to be used for elective abortions was defeated in committee. The pro-abs will offer a similar amendment on the House floor.   


Since the Obama administration has forced tax funding of abortions in DC, 300 abortions have been funded - ie - 300 babies have died who would be alive if tax money had not been available to kill them.


Call your Congressman!  Message: oppose any amendment to remove or weaken the ban on DC abortionfunding.


Congressman John W. Olver , 202-225-5335
Congressman Richard E. Neal, 202-225-5601
Congressman James P. McGovern, 202-225-6101
Congressman Barney Frank, 202-225-5931
Congressman Niki Tsongas, 202-225-3411
Congressman John F. Tierney, 202-225-8020
Congressman Edward J. Markey, 202-225-2836
Congressman Michael Capuano, 202-225-5111
Congressman Stephen F. Lynch, 202-225-8273
Congressman William D. Keating, 202-225-3111


Studies show that the availability of public funds for abortion greatly increases abortions. Any lawmaker seeking to reduce abortion should support the DC abortion funding ban. Even some of ours might get that, so please make your call! 


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