Monday, January 24, 2011

MA on the March



About 400 people from Massachusetts just left our caucus to join another 2500 at the March.


We were so fortunate to hear Professor Dwight Duncan, Thea Rossi Barron, Robert Alt fron the Heritage Foundation, and Professor Michael New discuss the implications of Roe v Wade, what will probably happen to Obamcare in the courts, what it was like to lobby with Dr Jefferson, and what the pro-life Movement accomplished in 2010.


After the caucus, constituents delivered Repeal Obamcare petitions to their Congressmen and our Senators.


Every time an elevator door opened, people in MCFL blue caps poured out.


As we approach our MA meeting place, the sea of blue caps gets thicker.  I believe there will be 400,000 people at this March. The weather is cold but not anywhere near as cold as home.


I sure you join me in commending all these wonderful people!    Anne








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