Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Worcester: Pro-Life Memorial

May 27 Thu 3PM A day to honor Mary, Mother of Life.  Movie Bella, Kelly Roy, Theresa Gorey, music by Randy Albright, buffet $30.  Anthony's of Malden, 105 Canal St. www.eternalliferadio.org
May 29 Sat 9-10AM No Abortions scheduled at Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St. Worc Still praying though.  Park on Hudson or Dewey St.

The birth control pill turns 50.  What hath man wraught?

May 30 Sun 10AM Outdoor Mass followed by 24 hour Pro-Life Commemoration for victims of abortion – Co-Redemptrix Friary 30 Trinity St. Lawrence, MA  Eucharistic Adoration St. Patrick Crypt Church 118 S. Broadway, Lawrence. 3PM Divine Mercy Chaplet, 5-6PM Meditations on Our Lady of Sorrows, 6PM Vespers, 7-9PM Speakers Panel, followed by
May 31 Mon 6AM Lauds 10AM closing Healing Mass  Co-Redemptrix Friary

Keep abrest of Catholic dissent in Boston Archdiocese concerning Fr. Rafferty in Higham.  http://bryanhehirexposed.wordpress.com/
Including Fr. Hehir contradictiong, undermining really, his boss Cardinal Sean

Jun 3 Fundraiser for Pro-Life/Family Candidate Lew Evangelidis for Sheriff, Coral SeaFood, 225 Shrewsbury St. Worcester. www.lewforsheriff.com

Jun 4 Fri 8PM First Friday Mass followed by all night Eucharistic adoration
Jun 5 Sat 8AM Mass at Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 9-10AM Prayer Vigil Protest,   Abortions at Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St. Worc - Sidewalk counselors should be closest to the entrance, prayers and sign holders will stand back or across the street to more effectively save babies and change hearts.  Park on Hudson St.
Jun 5 Sat Noon 5th annual Open House at Visitation House, Mass at noon Buffet at 2PM, RSVP by June 1.  Also Visitation House will raffel 2 Pavillion Seats to Red Sox vs. Detriot Sunday August 1 ($1050value) $25/raffel ticket, 5/$100.  Drawing June 28.

Contact Congress and urge them not to repeal "Don't ask Don't tell"

Prayer every night 9PM Eastern, for 1 minute, and unite in prayer with Christians all across the US. -
Also Call to Fall http://www.call2fall.com/get.cfm?i=PG09D02&f=AL10E03
Pray in May http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_7_VrAxu14

Good News, Bishop's USCCB resigns from abortion-promoting LCCHR,

Blood Money - http://www.bloodmoneyfilm.com/trailer.php

Massachusetts Transgender Bathroom bill stalled in Commettee.

Thanks and God Bless,
Jay G.

Prayer Needs;

Health and spiritual needs: Mary Lee, Sandy Red Sox fan, Bill heart, Luke, Janet from CA's friend Chris whose son has had cancer and leukemia, Alfredo, Tess's newborn sister recently died and her whole family needs prayers, Myles, his wife Cheryl and his children Jamie, Torri, Myles Jr. and Jillian, Ava born to Lilli at Visitation House, To keep Planned Parenthood out of Fitchburg, Dorene, Deacon Bill Griffin's son Billy in ICU, Dorothy, Ethel, and Katherine, Stella; David; Urgent:Anne, Katherine, and Dorothy, Jeanne, Louise who's son Marcello just passed away, Gracie, Juliette, Victor, Dora,  Katie O'Connell, Isabel Stankus, Cheryl's mom Barbara H.,Carol; Flo- high blood pressure; Bill Clinton- heart problems, Pat H., has stage 4 cancer, Irene's dad with Throat cancer and cousin with broken back, Update - Edward Joseph Parker-Gagne born prematurely weighing only 1lb.14oz doing better but pray his eye get well if it be God's will, Jim Call currently in hospital & headed for pallative care, Barbara Hoaglund in hospital, Paul Ann & Kevin, George's nephew Joey's wife (Elaine's daughter-in-law) cancer and had surgery, Michele and Alicia, Haiti, Bob Chernisky Jr. leukemia, Bob M. serious cancer, Chloe born 13 weeks premature, grieving family of Nathan N., 3-year old Matthew in ICU with flu/pneumonia, Helen Wright - brain aneurysm;Mark- employment; Ed heart, Jim, Caroline needs a job to make ends meet while she short-sells her home, Ashley and her family;  Ken W. who is dying;  Sara M.- battling 2 cancers; Raymond with heart problems; Cheryl G.- in Thanksgiving to Saint Joseph for answered prayer, Jessica 21 has 15 month old son and has MRSA and only has 8 months to live (her sister is at Visitation House), Deacon Bob Conner who lost his mother and brother recently, Little Edward Joseph, Jack McGuirk leukemia, Bob recently widowed, with two boys to raise, Peachie with Sjögren's disease/Lupus, Barbara R.- URGENT as she is dying NOW;   Brian N.- cancer;    David- whose wife left family with 3 children; Lisa- who left husband and 4 children- that they reunite and the children and Dad find strength, comfort, and faith, and that the Mom returns home, Ron's sister with brain tumor …

Recently Deceased: Noel Dube (Marianna Hester's dad), Tess's little sister, Irene Johnson, Marcello, Laurel, Darrell "Shifty" Powers, Lisa Lauring Kennedy just passed away after a long battle with lung cancer, Susan the cab driver's wife who recently accepted Jesus but as a Protestant has no one to pray for her soul, Shirley Somadelis, Ian H's family after his mother-in-law found dead under suspicious circumstances, David Cross, David Scott, Janesse Hoaglund, Patrick Swayze, 19 year old Brittany was in i.c.u., Ted Kennedy, Skip, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Al Thoman, Patty G., John Bellione, Bob DeMarco 51 father of three boys, Georga's father, …

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