Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WBZ Refuses Massachusetts Citizens for Life Health Care Ads

 Statement by Anne Fox, President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, November 10, 2009

"Radio station WBZ, Boston's NBC affiliate, has refused to sell time to Massachusetts Citizens for Life to air ads on the health care plans.  When asked to put their reasons in writing, the station declined.

"These ads and similar ads have already aired on WRKO in Boston, WTAG in Worcester, and WHYN in Springfield.  They address abortion, rationing, and denial of care based on age or disability.

"At first WBZ told me that we had to substantiate our 'claims'.  Even as I offered to do so, they decided they would not take the ads.

"This is a news station which should be dedicated to presenting all sides of an issue - especially one of such importance to their listening audience.  The media, in general, is unquestioningly in favor of these bills,  As a premier news station WBZ should be happy to air views that may not be exactly the same as theirs.

"When they hear the ad, I am sure people will agree that is a valuable addition to the health care debate"

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