Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Delahunt constituents act immediately! All others act on Thursday!

This is Showdown Week!

Congressman Delahunt has sent out a newsletter with the following survey.  Be sure to complete. Please forward to everyone you know in the district.
For a summary of the latest health insurance reform bill, please click here. For a link to read the text of the entire proposal, please click here. To take Delahunt's survey and share your views on the latest proposal, please click here.


Many thousands of pro-life, regular Americans plan to be in Washington on Thursday to confront Nancy Pelosi and Congress about her pro-abortion Health Care Bill, HR 3692, which she plans to ram through this week.  This is organized by Congressman Michele Bachman (MN) who says about many of the Democrats, "...they are squarely sitting on the fence right now.  If they see their constituents coming to Washington, DC, that will make the difference, it made a huge difference as you know in August.  Had we had the vote in August, no question it would have failed.  But again, Speaker Pelosi has been able to bring the hammer down on them for the last two months, and we need to remind these members again of the lesson of August."
Congressman Chris Smith (NJ) warned in a national webcast Monday night that, included in the language of the "manager's amendment" that will be introduced to try to bridge divides in order to pass the bill, "will almost certainly be a new phony compromise that does nothing but put window dressing on the deadly abortion funding already in the bill."


WHAT: Health Care "House Call"on Capitol Hill
WHO: Americans concerned about our health care future
WHEN: Thursday, November 5, 2009 from 12:00-1:00pm
WHERE: East Front Steps of the U.S. Capitol (House Side)
Dress casually and appropriately for the weather. Wear walking shoes to visit Congressional offices.

This is the first you have heard about the "House Call"?  You can't make it to D.C.?  That is true for most of us.  In spite of this it is the perfect opportunity to call your congressman at noon or right after.  Your call will give you the opportunity to explain about the public option and abortion and will add to the sense of urgency in D.C.!

HR 3692 creates a nationwide federal agency program, the "public option," and, on page 110 explicitly authorizes that federal government program to pay for elective abortions (abortion on demand) with the other types of funds (also federal funds) that will be held within the U.S. Treasury account controlled by the public option (an account created on page 215 of the bill). 
This new federal agency program will pay for elective abortions with federal funds, because that is the only kind of funds that a federal agency can spend.  Therefore, any House member who votes for the procedure (the "rule") that protects this language will be casting a vote that may define, for years to come, his position as being in favor of creating a federal program that will directly fund abortions. 

A few minutes of your time will save lives for years to come!
Thank you,
Anne Fox, President

P.S.  Archbishop Chaput of Denver, wrote this on Nov 2:

"To put it bluntly: all of the health-care reform solutions currently facing Congress violate human dignity in potentially grievous ways. Unless these proposals are immediately changed to reflect the concerns of Congressman Stupak, other like-minded members of Congress, and leaders of the national Catholic community, Catholics need to vigorously oppose and help defeat this dangerous legislation...
"The health-care reform debate has been dogged by a pattern of misleading, complex and at times flatly dishonest claims in Congress about the content of the 2,000-page legislation now taking final shape and nearing a vote. Don't be fooled. Contact your senators and representative. Demand that current health-care proposals be changed to respect Catholic and pro-life concerns. And equally important for all of us: We need to do it now."



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