Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How the storm helped the March for Life and news of Rebecca

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The main stream media ignored the March as usual, bur, because of the storm and a lot of neat things like the Mass by the Turnpike, there was a huge amount of coverage on social media, some of which even spilled over  You'll like this article and feel very good about leaving our work to "the kids"!
Priscilla updates us on Rebecca's condition:
Hi Anne,
Thank you so much.  
After Rebecca seemed to go into a coma, more tests were run and it seemed that her cancer had continued to spread despite chemo, so it was decided to stop all cancer treatment.
The doctors told her family that they should expect her to live anywhere from 24 hours to a week, that was on Jan. 21st.
Her mom and sister flew out to be with her, and her dad and brother flew back home.
Since then however, she has actually woken up, is very chatty, though not always making sense, and she has also started to drink smoothies. 
So maybe her body needed some time to rest before taking on additional treatment.
I will let you know when I get any updates on her health.
Obviously the prayers are working and perhaps Rebecca will receive the miracle of life that everyone is praying for.
Certainly Nicolette has received the precious gift of life, a gift from her very brave mom and dad.
God Bless,



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