Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Question 5 Signs - View Here!



The Public Policy Question to require abortion facilities to be licensed and inspected is moving along beautifully!  The local people have been holding meetings, writing Letters to the Editor, and doing other publicity.  As you saw yesterday, the opposition is essentially pushing back-alley abortions.  What a pro-life victory this is going to be!  

It is time for lawn signs, which will also be used for stand-outs and at the polls.  They are especially important at the polls because people forget about the ballot questions and leave them blank.

The election is three weeks from today!  I must get the signs out to the districts ASAP, but we still need to raise $1,050 more to pay for them.  So many people have helped already.  Please help me raise the $1,050 today so I can order the signs.  

I am so grateful for all you do.  Please donate today! 

Thank you,


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