Saturday, January 26, 2013

Margaret at the March For Life I

Hi, all you pro-lifers out there!


This is Margaret in Washington, DC, at the HUGE 40th annual March For Life. It's nice and cold, and a great day for a walk to represent those who have been lost to the terror of abortion.


Our delegation wanted to make sure that the politicians who are supposed to represent us actually hear the voice of the people, so about 35 of us from Massachusetts, from 5 years old and up, went to the Russell building to visit Senators John Kerry and Elizabeth Warren. Surprise! They were not in (at least that's what we were told). This was expected, since both are very anti-life. I guess they just didn't want to hear from their pro-life constituents. Nevertheless, we left them a message asking them to rethink their position. We are talking now with Senator Santorum. What an exciting day! We've still got a while before the March starts, so we're going to mingle a bit more with our other hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers!


More later.

Margaret O'Brien, MCFL Youth Correspondent




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