Saturday, September 26, 2009

October "The Rose" is now on-line

Dear E-mail list members,

    The October version of "The Rose" is now on-line. Please go to our website at this link:
Some highlighted stories are:

1) Health Care Bill (some developments on this story may happen this week)
2) Longmeadow Life Chain- This event will happen on October 17th, attached to
    this e-mail is a flyer for distribution.
3) Bethlehem House- How you can help. Attached is a United Way form you can
     download if you want to choose Bethlehem House as your agency to donate to
     through your payroll deduction.
4) Massachusetts legislation- six bills to look at and call our state legislators.

Please forward to family and friends of life.

Take care,

Julie Mishol
PV-MCFL "The Rose" newsletter editor

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