Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Social Egg Freezing" and overplanning modern motherhood

This story in "Essential Baby" covers women who are freezing their eggs in order to get around the natural decline in their fertility when they lack a father. On one hand, this seems like a convenient way for working women to deal with their ticking biological clock while managing the pressures of the workplace. But on reflection, the relationship to pro-life is that it makes the children a commodity, and we allow ourselves to 'plan' our lives and children become too managed. We forget the wonder of the unexpected, and the virtue in dealing with the unplanned. Prof. Tony Esolen spoke about many of these topics last fall for Mass Citizens. We have social problems that we solve through science, when considering our high level of wealth and success we really ought to be considering changes in our culture and attitudes that foster communities and a climate where an unplanned pregnancy is welcomed. We want a family, career and meaningful relationships/marriages, and these three things are not in competition with one another and can be balanced instead of 'solved' through technology.

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